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Burgers and BBQ: Summertime Sneak Peek at BurgerFi

burger fi lexington ky

I was invited to a private event at BurgerFi on Tuesday, June 20 to help celebrate the start of summer and to get a sneak peek at their new menu items before anyone else. Myself, along with seven other blogger babes met there at 7pm, when the event started. You could definitely tell we were bloggers, since there were many pictures of food being taken. We were able to try their new menu items that will be available this summer. Y’all are going to love it!

P.S. This drink is a new summertime drink called Fi Lime. It’s so delicious and refreshing, and so perfect for these hot, humid summer days!

Just take a look at these amazing eats…

burger fi french fries onion rings

The service was wonderful and they made sure we were well taken care of. The food kept on coming and they made sure we didn’t leave hungry! I even made sure to take some home to my husband, since he wasn’t able to make it due to his work schedule. Sad face.

What are you are looking at above isn’t new, since it’s already an item on their menu (but still very much delicious!). But have you ever seen an onion ring that big before? This is called the Fry + Cry, which is onion rings AND hand-cut fries (yes, you get both!).

burger fi parmesan herb fries

If those fries weren’t enough, we were able to eat some of the Urban Style fries (regular hand-cut french fries with parmesan cheese, herbs, and garlic aioli). BurgerFi offers a variety of toppings for their fries, such as chili + cheese, cheese, chili, cajun, and salt + vinegar.

burger fi summer bbq burger

Now for the main star of the meal… Since summer and barbeque go hand in hand, it only makes sense to combine those things and make one big juicy burger. I would like to introduce you to the brand new Summer BBQ Burger featuring double natural Angus patties topped with pulled pork, sweet BBQ sauce, pickles, and crispy slaw with white cheddar and American cheese.

This will be available by the end of the week!

burger fi dessert

This dessert was seriously the bomb dot com. I’ll take two or four or six, please! I’m a huge fan of sweets and desserts (well, food in general). You could tell the ingredients were high quality just from tasting it. The berries they used made the dessert! This dessert is the quintessential summer treat that I will be definitely ordering when I go again.

I can’t remember the exact name of this dessert, but I believe it won’t be available until the beginning of July.

Oldies but goodies (I just haven’t had a chance to try these!): I’ve also got my eye on the Breakfast All Day Burger (Natural Angus Burger, American Cheese, Bacon, Maple Syrup, Fried Egg, Hash Brown, Grilled Onions, Ketchup) and The CEO (Double Wagyu + Brisket Blend Burger, Homemade Candied Bacon-Tomato Jam, Truffle Aioli, Aged Swiss Cheese)Don’t they both sound delicious?

burger fi logo

In case you aren’t familiar with BurgerFi…

What is BurgerFi?

BurgerFi was established in 2011 and is has been deemed one of the nation’s fastest-growing, gourmet burger chains. BurgerFi uses only 100% natural Angus beef patties with no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals, or additives. Ingredients are high-quality, fresh, and natural, and everything is made from scratch daily.

Each BurgerFi restaurant’s design is very modern, as well as eco-friendly. They wanted to create an atmosphere that would make you want to hang out and relax, but at the same time, still be an atmosphere where you could eat quickly and leave.

How many locations does BurgerFi have?

There are over 100 locations across the United States. To see if there is one nearby you, click here. The one in Lexington, Kentucky is located near Fayette Mall and is right next to Moe’s. BurgerFi is on 141 Rojay Drive, Lexington, Kentucky, 40503.

What food does BurgerFi have besides burgers?

If burgers aren’t your thing or if you are in the mood for something else, BurgerFi has you covered. They have hot dogs as well! For dessert, they have shakes and custards (custard concretes, custard cups, and custard floats).

Are there any vegetarian options?

You may not believe it being a burger place, but BurgerFi does have vegetarian options available! Their veggie burger is called the VegeFi Burger (Crispy Quinoa + Pure-Cut Veggie Burger, White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, BurgerFi Sauce on a Multigrain Bun or Green Style).

BurgerFi Lexington’s Hours of Operation: Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm


Hope you enjoy these new summertime eats!

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  • Those waffle burgers look PHENOMENAL. I was getting all excited about the burgers with slaw (one of my favorites)

    • It wasn’t a burger 🙂 It was a dessert with ice cream and fresh berries! It was so yummy!

  • Samantha O’Brian Summers

    So I’m just going to have to move my trip to Kentucky up some. I never knew that there was so much to do and see there. Wonderful post, I’m so jealous.

    • Kentucky is probably one of the greatest states there is – my whole blog is dedicated to it 🙂 ! It’s one of the best for food, especially Lexington. You should see if there is a BurgerFi near you!

  • This place looks AMAZING! Wish it wasn’t so far away!

    • You should see if there are any near you! There might be!

  • Sophie Wailes

    Looks amazing, especially those fries with the garlic sauce on, yum!! I wish I live in the united states so I could go 🙁

    • The fries were so yummy!! Some of my faves! If you come to the US to visit, you should go to one 🙂

  • Kristen Rodriguez

    That dessert looks amazing!! I just got so hungry! If I’m ever in Kentucky, I know where I’m stopping for lunch.

    • They have over 100 locations… you should see if there is one closer to you! 🙂

  • Ashley Stephenson

    WOW!! All this food looks amazing! I want those urban fries!

  • Pam Avoledo

    Everything looks so good!

    • I love their burgers!! All of their stuff is so tasty!

  • Jordyn Upchurch

    I was so intrigued by this post because Auburn (Alabama) just got a BurgerFi and so I had to see what the hype was about before I went and hit up the newest burger joint in town 🙂 Those Urban Fries look amazing!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

    • Yes!! You should definitely go and check it out!!

  • All of that looks SOOOOOOOOOOO good! I totally need those urban style fries in my life right now. There isn’t one in Missouri, but I will def be checking every time we go out of town.

    • The fries are so delicious, and so are their burgers!! Definitely check one out when you are near one!

  • I’ve never heard of BurgerFi before, but that looks amazing! I think we can all agree that a good burger and fries is high on the comfort food ranking scale 🙂

  • BurgerFi sounds awesome! Everything looks so good. You definitely need to bring an appetite. I hope they make their way north. I’d love one near me.

    • Oh no!! There’s none up north?! 🙁

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love Burger Fi! The closest one to me is about 45 minutes away but it is so worth the drive. I NEED those desserts! Holy cow! How did I miss that?

    • Yes it would definitely be worth the drive!! The dessert isn’t released until after July 4th 🙂

  • YUM. Gimme gimme!

    • It’s making me hungry looking at it again and again hahah!

  • They don’t have one near me, but I tried it for the first time when I went to visit friends in Orlando!! So good! I was training for a marathon and went here after a 25 mile run and it was some of the best food I’ve ever had. Those urban fries are the best!

    • I’m still thinking about those fries right now! So yummy!

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    I wish this was near me! These burgers look amazing!

    • Be sure to check out their other locations. There might be one closer 🙂

  • This just made me hungry! I’ve never seen burgers stamped like that, it’s so cool. I wish this was near me

    • I love the stamp. I think it is so unique and makes them stand out!

  • kathy

    Place looks great. I have never heard of it and looked it up…there are 2 in my area. I am going to check them out…Thanks:-)

  • Melissa Blake

    Burgers are the BEST things in the summer, aren’t they?? Those look delicious! xoxo

    • Such a great thing to eat during the summer or really anytime hahaha!

  • Nicole Condit

    This looks delicious. Especially the dessert, berries make anything better. Wish we had BurgerFi nearby.

    • The dessert was out of this world… I’m definitely going to have to go back after it’s released!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I was following along with Tif’s IG story and drooling but never saw those fries! They look SO good.

    • Oh my gosh girl… They were so yummy!!

  • Everything looks epically tasty, glad to hear they have veggie options too!

    • I think it’s so good, because you can still eat there with your vegetarian friends!

  • I love how they “brand” the burgers! I have never heard of this burger joint, thank you for the info!

    erika ||

    • I love the branding too! It makes it look so cool!

  • Sharon Glascoe

    We have a BurgerFi nearby but I haven’t been yet. It looks absolutely incredible so I gotta stop by this weekend!

    • Ooooh yay!! Hope you enjoy it when you go!

  • Zac @ The Kitchen Gent

    I am OBSESSED with those waffle desserts! I’m mad I moved away from Lexington before getting to try this, but I will definitely be back to get some BurgerFi!

    • They were so delicious!! I can’t wait until they are released, so I can go back and get one!

  • these look so delicious!! nothing like a good burger!