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Bentley’s GOTCHA Day with the Bluegrass Barkery

bluegrass barkery lexington kentucky

I’m a super crazy dog lady! I go crazy over dogs of all kinds and I have to pet every dog I meet. I wish I could pet every single dog on the planet. That’s how much I LOVE dogs. I constantly watch dog videos and probably follow a couple of hundred different dogs on instagram.

I have two dogs that I got from the Lexington Humane Society. I adopted Bentley in July 2011, and I adopted Royce in March 2012. Bentley is the black dog, and Royce is the black and white dog. Bentley is a mini Australian Shepherd and Flat Coated Retriever. I think Royce is part Great Dane, Dalmatian, and a few other breeds.

Yesterday, July 9 makes six years since we adopted Bentley from the Lexington Humane Society (his birthday isn’t until October). I figured that I would take a trip down memory lane, and share the story about how we came about adopting him, and of course, celebrate his GOTCHA DAY by getting him treats from the Bluegrass Barkery!!

bluegrass barkery lexington kentucky

My husband and I got married in June 2011, and we had been thinking about getting a dog quite sometime even before we were married. We used to always take weekly trips to PetSmart to see the dogs that they had (the dogs were from the Lexington Humane Society). Six years ago, my husband and I did just that. We had originally planned on getting a smaller dog, but we decided to keep an open mind, which led us to going to the Lexington Humane Society.

The first cage had the most adorable black Shepherd/Retriever mix named Bentley. His card stated:“I got adopted once and they wouldn’t spend time with me. Did I do something wrong? I just wanted to play!” He had been at the humane society since June 25 and was adopted by us on July 9.

We made sure to look at all of the dogs and puppies before we left. As we finished looking at the puppies, I asked my husband if we could have a ‘meet and greet’ with Bentley. We were able to take him outside on a leash and into the meeting room to get to know him. Immediately, I knew we just had to have him. He was a lot bigger than we had planned, but ended up being the perfect size for us (fast forward to March 2012, we adopted a second dog that is twice Bentley’s size).

My husband and I then informed them that we were looking to adopt. When filling out the paperwork, we stopped on the question, “Have you informed your landlord about adopting a pet?” We thought, well crap. At that time, we were renting a house and were required to pay a pet deposit (we bought a house in April 2017). My husband and the workers at the humane society tried calling the leasing office, but there wasn’t any answer. I asked about “putting him on hold,” which we could have done, but it only would have lasted for one day. So, in the worst case scenario (if the leasing office had not had been open), we would have had to come back on Sunday to renew the “hold” on him. I immediately began thinking the worst, “What if the leasing office isn’t open? What if someone adopts him before tomorrow? Countless other thoughts entered my head.

Since we hadn’t been far from the leasing office, we drove there and found them open. Also, the number that we had been dialing was completely different than the number to that office. While, my husband was filling out the paperwork, I drove to the nearby gas station to get a money order to cover the pet deposit (I just had my debit card and didn’t want to be charged an extra $25 transaction fee. Plus, I hadn’t had my checkbook with me). I waited in line at the gas station only to find that they didn’t do money orders. Ugh. I was wasting time. I drove back to the leasing office, picked up my husband, and then drove to Kroger as fast as we could hoping they could do a money order. After Kroger, we drove back to the leasing office to turn the deposit in. We were finally on our way back to the humane society. Luckily, all these places were all nearby and the humane society was still open.

My husband parked the car and I made a beeline to the entrance. People arriving probably thought that I was crazy the way I barged through the door. No, I just wanted the dog so bad. Only about 30 minutes had passed, so the employees still recognized us. We were able to finish filling out the paperwork while they called our landlord to make sure the pet deposit fee was paid, which of course we knew it was. That’s when I noticed another couple near his cage talking about him. They asked if we were adopting a dog, and I was like,“Yeah, that one right there.” 

After we were finished at the humane society, we took him to PetSmart to buy some goodies for him (crate, bed, treats, toys, shampoo, etc).

As they say, the rest is history. He has been in our lives for six years, and has made everyday more exciting!

bluegrass barkery lexington kentucky

Of course, I couldn’t let Bentley’s GOTCHA Day pass without celebrating it. I love spoiling my dogs with toys and treats, so I stopped by the Bluegrass Barkery and picked up some goodies. Even though today was all about Bentley, I couldn’t forget about also giving treats to Royce.

bluegrass barkey lexington kentucky

bluegrass barkery

bluegrass barkery

Just look at how happy and excited they are!!


About the Bluegrass Barkery:

Bluegrass Barkery is a local, family owned business in Lexington, Kentucky. They are dedicated to improving the health of our canine companions and enriching the community. The products that they offer for both cats and dogs are quality products. The foods they carry value the safety of our pet and come from responsible companies that only use human grade ingredients. The Barkery also sells treats that are baked fresh each and every day. They even bake custom cakes for your dog’s special day, and you can even get a cake that will feed up to 25! The toys that are found at the Barkery are made with recycled and eco-friendly materials by American workers.

The Barkery’s Nutritional Philosophy:

The Barkery only carries products that are free of corn, wheat, soy, by-products, and chemical preservatives. These ingredients have strong ties to allergies, diabetes, and cancer in pets. They also offer nutritional consultations that are free of charge and that help you find a diet for your pet that fits their special needs.


  • 152 West Tiverton Way, Lexington, Kentucky 40503
  • 162 Old Todds Road, Suite 150, Lexington, Kentucky 40509 *new location (previously at Brighton Place Shoppes)

bluegrass barkery lexington kentucky

Your turn: Do you ever celebrate your pet’s GOTCHA day?

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  • What sweet pups you have! I love that there are so many barkeries popping up all over the map. I’ll bet that was a yummy treat for them. 🙂

  • Your pups are soooo sweet! I have a a 7 month old golden retriever named Shadow. My fiance is begging me to get another pup!

    • Awww how sweet!! I’d love to have 198237164 dogs. I love them so much!

  • kathy

    What a wonderful story. I love my dog too. He is a rescue from a shelter in Chapel Hill NC. Brodie. He would love those treats too. Thanks for sharing:-)

    • Ohmigosh!! What a cutie!! I could never say no to those eyes 🙂

  • Kristen Jones

    Aw such cute pups and those treats are so stinkin cute!! I can’t wait until I have space for a pup!

    • Thanks so much!! You’re going to love having a dog!

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love this! What a sweet story! It got me thinking about the day we adopted our dog Oscar. Love him!

  • I love hearing stories of dogs being adopted! I wish more people would do it so that their wouldn’t be a need for adoptions! 🙂

    • YES!! Same here. So many puppies and kitties and animals that are available for adoption. Adopt not shop!

  • This story made me so happy! Those dogs are so cute! I don’t have a puppy right now, but I know that once we get our own house, we will get one!

  • Oh my gosh all of these photos were so amazing. I’m so glad that you celebrate Bentley’s Gotcha Day; I love seeing people celebrating the big day with their pets. {Like you, I’m a big dog person and maybe too emotional about dogs haha}

    • Oh my gosh me too!! I pet every dog I meet. I even let them all kiss me haha

  • shootingstarsmag

    This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this story. It sounds like you and Bentley were meant to be a family. 🙂 I don’t celebrate my dog’s Gotcha Day BUT it was really close to her actual birthday – she was only a few months old.


    • My other dog, Royce’s gotcha day is around the time that is believed to be his birthday as well!

  • Becca

    I am also a crazy dog lady and my pup, Roxie looks just like Royce! Maybe they are long-lost family. I loved this post so much, I’m a sucker for dog stories but honestly, I would have done the exact same you did in that situation!

    • Awww!! Do you know what kind of dog Roxie is?

  • We do celebrate our kitties’ gotcha days! We got our pup in September 2016 so this will be the first Gotcha day we can celebrate!

  • Ohbeehave

    Sounds like you made it back just in time that day!! Love how the bakery makes those treats look like human food 🙂

    • They are also made with natural and healthy ingredients. I tried about 9 years when I met the owner 🙂

  • Angel Hamilton

    This is such a cute idea. My poor pet is 15… guess I need to step up his gotcha day celebration

    • Awww!! Get them a treat. Maybe skip the hat though – Bentley hated it haha 🙂

  • Oh, your dogs are adorable! We don’t celebrate GOTCHA day, but we do doggie birthdays. We got Max from a breeder, so we know his exact day, and Sophie was a very young puppy when she was found, so our vet was able to give us a very close estimate on her date of birth. They get trips to 3 Dog Bakery for their birthdays — the cutest thing is that my little 92 year-old granny likes Sophie a lot and sends her $5 to buy a treat every year! 🙂

    • Awww that’s so sweet!! Bentley’s birthday is coming up in October. I want to get him one of those big frosted cakes for him and Royce to share haha!

  • Yah for Bentley’s gotcha day!! I rescued both of my dogs off the streets and could not be happier! They bring so much joy into my life. I too feel that every dog I see I need to pet it or hug it. If I had the money, I would start a rescue and own a million dogs (literally).

    • Rescue dogs are the best!! When I see a dog, I track them down and pet them. Lexington, where I live is the #4 dog friendliest city in the US. You see dogs in bars, restaurants, and even stores where you go shopping. I’d love to bring my dogs out but they are super duper crazy lol!

  • Aww Bentley and Royce are just so adorable! I literally melted hearing about when you got him.

  • They are beautiful! I am super allergic to dogs, so we can’t ever get one, sadly!

    • Thanks so much!! Oh no! What about a golden-doodle or one of those hypo-allergenic dogs?