My Love Of All Things Rustic: JORD Wood Watches + A Giveaway!

jord wood watch for men

I just love the rustic look of reclaimed wood! When my husband and I buy a house, I even plan on incorporating the rustic look into the modern style that I want for our future house. This watch is perfect because it has that classic look that I love. You know, using something old and creating something completely new out of it?!

I own a few pieces of jewelry made from reclaimed bourbon barrels, so of course, I’ve been admiring these wood watches from JORD for quite some time, and was even thinking about getting one for myself. These are some unique watches that you just won’t see anywhere else. You never have to worry about these watches going out of style. Not only are the watches gorgeous, they come beautifully packaged and JORD offers both men’s watches and women’s watches. It’s seriously impressive. Just take a look…

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Whiten Your Teeth With Smile Brilliant + Giveaway!


I have a little something different for y’all today. I’m going to share my results from a product that I received from Smile Brilliant. They provided me with a professional teeth whitening kit that you could do at home.

My teeth are pretty white as is, because I don’t have any bad habits such as smoking or drinking coffee that will stain my teeth. I may not drink coffee, but I’m a Diet Coke addict and drink bourbon. I wanted to whiten my teeth by a few shades. I wanted them to be ridiculously white, like in those cheesy toothpaste commercials.

Believe it or not, I was about to head to Wal-mart to buy some Crest White Strips. However, I couldn’t remember if I could see results or not, when I used them. I was willing to try again, but I didn’t want to waste my money if they weren’t going to work or I wasn’t going to see the results that I wanted. The only thing I remembered was that they were rather uncomfortable and wouldn’t necessarily stay in place the entire length of the process. I had always wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened, but I hate going to the dentist and I haven’t been in a looooong time (longer than I care to admit!), and it is so pricey, so that idea was completely out. It was simply not going to happen. Did you know the average cost of professional teeth whitening at the dentist is $500?!?! That definitely isn’t easy on your wallet. Here’s an article that goes into details comparing the different methods.

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