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This post is sponsored by J. Galt Eyewear. All opinions are my own.

Some people may not know this, but I wear glasses and contacts. Actually, I’ve worn glasses since the third grade and contacts since the sixth grade (I’ll be 31 years old at the end of April). My eyesight is horrible (around -9.00 in both eyes for contacts and around -10.25 and -10.50 for glasses. I always chuckle when people with something like a -3.00 say they have bad eyes. They honestly have no clue!)

Growing up, I always hated wearing glasses, because they were considered “nerdy,” and especially since mine were super thick. It didn’t matter if I paid extra to have the thinnest lenses possible, it was still noticeable.  It’s actually because back when I was a child, I wasn’t told that certain frames just don’t look good with thick lenses and can actually cause distortion and even make the lenses look thicker (more on that later!). Throughout the years, people would always ask to try my glasses on, because they wanted to see what it looked like through them. Eventually, I would just roll my eyes and flat out say, no! because it’s incredibly rude.

I always thought that glasses can look so cute and be such a cool “accessory.” I hadn’t got any new glasses in about six years. I had been meaning to get a new pair, especially since I don’t want to wear my contacts all the time. I spend a lot of my time working from home teaching.

My friend, Tiffany at Bright on a Budget told me about J. Galt Eyewear (She’s also a fellow Eastern Kentuckian and we also went to college together at Pikeville College, now known as UPIKE – the University of Pikeville). She has a similar prescription and has worn glasses and contacts about the same length as me, so I figured J. Galt Eyewear would be a perfect place to go to.

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Taking Care of Your Beautiful Skin | Bluegrass Drawing Mask from AJ Apothecary

Things have been crazy around here (I’ll mention more about it next week, and NO, I’m not pregnant haha!). But I do have some good news… I’m a brand ambassador for AJ Apothecary!

If you live in Lexington, I’m sure you have heard of AJ Apothecary. If not, let me tell you about them! AJ Apothecary makes natural beauty products for your body, face, baby, as well as products for mothers and bath time. All products are natural and are made with high quality, safe, and natural ingredients. The products are all natural, nontoxic, and cruelty free. In addition, there are no synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, PEG, or other harmful chemicals in any of AJ Apothecary’s products.

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Kentucky Kind of Christmas: Gifts $15 and Under


Can you believe there are only sixteen days until Christmas?!? I know there are tons of last minute shoppers out there, so I have put together several gift guides to help you out. All the products featured are from local shops and all are Kentucky themed. If you are new here, shopping local is extremely important to me, and is even a big movement in Kentucky (especially Lexington) with all the Kentucky Proud products that you’ll see in stores and the many opportunities that we have to shop at various markets (NoLi Night Market, Market 301, The Distillery Market, etc). It’s also common to see a ‘Shop Local’ sticker featured in store windows and on the products themselves.

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It’s Fall Y’all! | A Piece of Appalachia With The Bluegrass Box


I’m sure if you haven’t figured it out yet, then you probably won’t. I’m a proud Kentuckian living in Lexington, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I think it is the greatest city, and I love our great state of Kentucky, or as our friends call it, the Commonwealth *inside joke* (well, actually it is – Kentucky is one of four states that is considered a Commonwealth). I’m not afraid to let anyone know how much I love where I live! Hence, why this blog exists. I love where I live and everything it has to offer! There are so many small and locally owned businesses and restaurants and cool events in Kentucky to go to that you won’t find anywhere else (and that’s a promise!).

I’m a huge supporter of local businesses and local restaurants, and especially the KENTUCKY PROUD movement. In fact, everything on my blog is either a local restaurant, local business, or local event!! So, I’m super excited to let you know that I’m an ambassador for The Bluegrass Box. What is The Bluegrass Box, you ask? Let me introduce you, my fellow Kentuckians and all of my readers to this wonderful subscription box.

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