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Tips for Self-Care and Living a More Positive Life

be kind to yourself

Self-care is one of those buzz words that you’ve been seeing and hearing everywhere. If you are on any type of social media, which I’m sure you are, then you’ve come across it at some point. In case you are unfamiliar with this word, self-care describes actions that one might take to reach optimal physical and mental health. Self-care can also refer to the activities that the individual engages in to relax. Of course that can mean different things for everyone.

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fabulous in fayette cupcake

Fabulous in Fayette Turns One!

I’m no stranger to blogging. I’ve actually been blogging for over nine years. Prior to Fabulous in Fayette, I had a blog called, “Everything Happens For a Reason,” which I had from early 2009 to March 2015. Even before…