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Live Love & Eat Local: Lexington Eats Week 2017 Recap

Lexington Eats Week 2017

July is always an exciting month in Lexington! It’s a foodie month that I always look forward to, filled with amazing food events such as Lexington Burger Week and Lexington Restaurant Week. However, this year, Restaurant Week was canceled last minute because they lost a key sponsor. However, they have secured a new sponsor for next year, as well as having plans for expansion. Next year’s Restaurant Week will be held July 19-28, 2018, and I’m excited to see all of the new plans that have to make it even better. Lexington Restaurant Week has been around since 2013, so I was super bummed that it was canceled last minute. I went to so many amazing restaurants last year, and was looking forward to again!

However… there is good news!!

A bunch of restaurants teamed up together and formed Lexington Eats Weeks to fill the void where Restaurant Week would have been. Those involved featured three courses with set menus, which is the same concept as Restaurant Week. The prices were $26 for one or $26 for two, depending on how upscale the restaurant is. Also, $1 from each meal will go to the restaurant’s choice of charity. This week is the best time to eat out and try out new restaurants, since most would be more expensive if you were to go any other time. This year, I went to two restaurants and both were absolute hits. Both served the best burgers that I’ve ever eaten! Wonder where they are from? Or what’s on the burger? Keep reading to find out!

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