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Picking Out the Perfect Tree at Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm

Every year, it seems that people are decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas. My husband and I used to be on “Team Decorate After Thanksgiving,” but ever since the clock struck midnight on November 1, I threw that idea out the window. Our TV has been permanently on the Hallmark Channel and I was ready to spread some Christmas cheer and to start decorating!

My husband and I buy a real tree for Christmas. Growing up, I always had an artificial tree, while my husband always had a real tree. When we met and started dating in 2009, we began the tradition of having a real tree. However, it wasn’t until 2014, that we began the tradition of actually going to a tree farm, and chopping one down ourselves, instead of just buying one at a store.

In the past, we always got our tree the first weekend of December. However, last year, on December 2, the Christmas tree farm that we always go to sold out and closed for the season, even though they had only been open for one weekend! So, we went to another tree farm, because we didn’t want to lose our chance of getting one locally. The following day, they were sold out for the season as well!

Well, if you thought that was crazy, you haven’t heard anything yet. This year was even crazier, and they even set a record for the most trees they’ve sold in the shortest amount of time!

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