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The One and Only Beer Cheese Festival in the World Celebrates Nine Years

beer cheese festival winchester ky blvd

This past weekend was beautiful, but y’all it was a scorcher. It was ridiculously hot! I spent the majority of the day outside at the 9th Annual Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester, Kentucky aka the birthplace of beer cheese. (No, I don’t mean beer AND cheese, but it’s a festival dedicated to the wonderful food – beer cheese). The sun was out in full force beating down on all of us festival goers (the UV Index was very high – level 9). I thought I was going to die! My friend and I took several breaks from the heat by going into Cairn Coffee House (which is one of the places on the Beer Cheese Trailand sipping on some of their Frozen Lemonade, which was so delicious!

The Beer Cheese Festival is the ONE AND ONLY Beer Cheese Festival in the WORLD! There’s no other place to celebrate it than the birthplace of beer cheese. Beer cheese was first invented back in the 1940s. In fact, in 2013, the Commonwealth of Kentucky deemed Clark County the birthplace of beer cheese – HB 206 (BR 924).  At the festival, they also had music, food, crafts, shopping, activities for kids, and of course, beer cheese! It took place on Saturday, June 10 from 10am to 5pm.

If you don’t know what beer cheese is, I’ll briefly explain…

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