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Things To Do in Lexington, Kentucky: Week of January 6-12, 2018

Things to Do in Lexington Kentucky

I used to do a roundup of events in Lexington back in May and June and those posts were a HUGE hit. However, they were rather time-consuming. I would include hundreds and hundreds of events, and it would usually take around eight or nine hours to write, so I stopped. Since then, I’ve had several people message me over the months and tell me they wished I would bring the posts back, since they found them helpful. Because it’s a brand new year, I’ve brought the posts back! I plan on doing my “Things To Do in Lexington, Kentucky: Week Of…” posts every week (they will be posted every Friday!). However, instead of including hundreds and hundreds of events, I’m only going to include around a couple of events for each day, so it isn’t as overwhelming!

Disclaimer: It would be impossible to share every single event happening in Lexington each week, so I just included some for my weekly list. Tickets may be required to some events, and some may be sold out after this post goes live. Be sure to click on the link for more event details. 

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