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Kicking Off the Holidays | Nieman’s Christmas Tree Farm

nieman's christmas tree farm

It seems that everyone has been decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas as the years go by. In fact, I remember seeing people decorating the week after Halloween. Crazy, right? To each their own.

My husband and I buy a real tree for Christmas. Growing up, I always had an artificial tree and then later stopped decorating for Christmas. My husband always had the tradition of having a real tree. He remembers when he was little and growing up, going with his dad to cut down their Christmas tree. When I met my husband in 2009 and began dating, we started the tradition of getting a real tree for our Christmases.

It wasn’t until 2014, that we began the tradition of actually going to a tree farm and chopping one down ourselves, instead of just buying one at a store. We had been planning on going the first weekend of December like we always do. We don’t really want to start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Last Friday, I saw that one of the tree farms was sold out and closed for the season, so I knew that probably wasn’t a good sign, because that meant the odds of us getting one at a Christmas tree farm were slim. I just knew that we had to go find one on Saturday, because it couldn’t wait another day. It was a good thing too, because Nieman’s sold out and closed for the season on Sunday, which is where we went.
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