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National Pizza Day: Lexington, Kentucky Edition

national pizza day lexington kentucky

Everyone that knows me personally, or follows me on social media, knows how much I LOVE pizza, so I could never forget about February 9 aka National Pizza Day! I love pizza so much that I get sent pizza memes and all things related to pizza on a daily basis. That’s how much I LOVE pizza! Back in 2015, I even went as Pizza Rat for Halloween from the viral video. I own several different pieces of pizza related clothing – a onesie, t-shirts, necklaces, and much more.So much so that people have called me “The Pizza Queen!” About thirty friends of mine go four-wheeling together and we have even had our own jerseys made with our nicknames on the back. Of course, my nickname would be pizza related – it’s Pepperoni!

I compiled a list of all the pizza restaurants in Lexington, as well as some other restaurants that have yummy pizza on their menu. Now, this should give you an idea of where to celebrate this delicious day!

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