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A New Look. A New Me | Atea Beauty

September 6, 2016

atea beauty

It’s been about five years, since I’ve been to the salon. I used to go every couple of months from the time I was thirteen, until the time I was twenty-five. I stopped going back in the fall of 2011. It wasn’t for any particular reason. It just wasn’t something that I deemed as a priority anymore. Around the time I stopped going, I quit the job I had at the time by choice (It’s a long story, so there’s no need to go into details. It doesn’t matter anymore, because it was so long ago). Fast forward a couple of years and as time went on, it was easier and easier just to not go. I was happy with my hair at the time and didn’t really want a change or was able to be dead set about a new look.

Over the past couple of months, I had been wanting a change, but I wasn’t able to decide what I wanted to have done, until about a month ago. I can be a pretty impulsive person. Once I get an idea in my head or find something new to love, I’m usually gung-ho about it and become obsessed with it for a few weeks or months, and then I’m just meh about it or over it completely (Obviously, there are a lot of exceptions, like the fact, I’ve played piano for 25 years – proof, I’ve stuck with something).

I wanted a more modern, chic, and updated hairstyle rather than the boring hair that I had. I was tired of my hair, because it was very one-dimensional. My hair was incredibly blah, hence me wanting a new look.

My husband was out of town, when I texted him and told him the new idea I was planning for my hair. He told me to wait (not like I need permission or anything, but he knows how impulsive I can be). Instead, I went ahead and still booked my appointment, so I would already have it scheduled just in case the salon was busy. And also so I would still have an appointment, even if I changed my original idea to something else.

I found Atea Beauty on instagram maybe a year ago (I actually find out about most businesses and restaurants in Lexington through instagram. I use the hashtag #sharethelex, which helps me find out about so many things that Lexington has to offer. In fact, our tourism department created the hashtag back in 2013 and even created a video to go along with and to encourage us Lexingtonians to use it). I’ve been to several salons here in Lexington over the years, but this is the first time that I have been to Atea!


Atea Beauty is located in downtown Lexington at 301 East Vine Street. In Polynesian mythology, Atea is the giver of light. Atea Beauty says on their website:

“Our goal is to bring some light to your life and hair. Atea Beauty opened with the goal to provide a chic and elegant ‘city-like’ salon experience with a friendly and welcoming ‘southern charm’ environment.”

There are so many people that go to Atea to get that ombre/balayage/babylights/sombre/etc. look, so they really know what they are doing. I just knew I had to go there to get my hair done. I really have been obsessed with that particular look. When it’s done right, it can look so amazing. It adds so much more dimension to your hair. It’s low-maintenance, which is a plus, if that’s your thing (you can let it grow out and it will still look good or you can add more darker pieces or even lighten it up a bit. The possibilities are endless). I can be pretty high maintenance. I don’t mind spending quite a bit of money to make myself or hair look good. If you look good, then you’ll feel good, which then in return equals even more confidence. Hair is not just hair to me. You will never ever hear me say things like, “Hair is just hair” or “Cut it, it’ll grow out!” That’s not me or my mindset at all.


Something you should know about my hair: It’s extremely thick and coarse. All of my life people have thought my hair was naturally curly, but it isn’t. It’s straight. It’s the weirdest thing. It is just one of the those things, you would have to see in person. I’ve always hated the texture of my hair, but at Atea, my stylist, Becca used some wonderful products on my hair. My hair looked as if it were a completely different texture. My hair was soft and smooth and looked and felt like what I  would consider as “normal.” At the end of the month, I plan on going back and purchasing the exact products, because they did amazing things for my hair.

I was kind of nervous, because it was pretty different than what I was used to previously. Usually, in the past, I have opted for a solid, all-over color, when getting my hair done at a salon (I was born with golden blonde hair, but by the time I was five years old, it had turned into medium to dark brown). I’ve been a redhead, various shades of brown, and even platinum blonde.









I wanted to take my boring, one-dimensional hair to an elevated level with lots of dimension and that’s exactly what Atea did! I am so happy with my hair. It’s like a brand new me!