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Tips for Self-Care and Living a More Positive Life

July 27, 2017

be kind to yourself

Self-care is one of those buzz words that you’ve been seeing and hearing everywhere. If you are on any type of social media, which I’m sure you are, then you’ve come across it at some point. In case you are unfamiliar with this word, self-care describes actions that one might take to reach optimal physical and mental health. Self-care can also refer to the activities that the individual engages in to relax. Of course that can mean different things for everyone.

I see so many people, especially women, thinking that they have to be everything to everyone. The truth of the matter is… you DON’T! You have to learn to say no. This is so important. You have to take some responsibility for yourself and your well-being and speak up. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to. If you don’t have the time, you don’t have to fill every last minute full of plans or events or tasks that you don’t want to do in the first place. Being busy isn’t a badge of honor. You aren’t going to win an award for “Person Who Is On the Move 24/7” or “Person Who Can Fit the Most in Their Day.” Another thing I’ve noticed is that some people feel guilty for saying no. Well, STOP!! If they are a friend or any other sort of decent human being, they will understand if you say no to something. Personally, I hate being busy. It simply isn’t fun. I’m very choosy of how I’m going to spend my time.

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Honestly, the word self-care kind of makes me cringe (as do all of those other trendy buzzwords), and I’ll tell you why! When I see a person talking about self-care, it’s usually because they have neglected themselves and now they may be close to burnout. They always mention scenarios from their lives about how they like staying busy, how they can’t say no, or it’s been ‘x’ number of weeks since they’ve done something for themselves. Self-care isn’t something that you should have to consciously take time for and pencil into your schedule. It should already be a part of your daily routine.

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Some people may think that self-care has to be this extravagant gesture to themselves, or maybe they see visions of themselves in a bathtub of bubbles surrounded by candles, even though baths aren’t their thing. Don’t let someone tell you that you are doing self-care wrong. Self-care means something different for everyone. For me, bubble baths aren’t a form of self-care because they are just simply a part of my daily routine. It isn’t something extra that I do, it’s just something I do and have always enjoyed. Maybe someone might argue that I am practicing self-care or that I made that form of self-care into my daily routine? Maybe. Maybe not. I just know that I don’t go a day without taking care of myself in some way. I always make sure to make some time for myself, whether that is sitting on the couch mindlessly watching Netflix, painting my nails, or even going out to an event. Self-care is a necessity and should be incorporated into your life, if it isn’t.

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When I know I look good, I feel good. I feel more confident and feel like taking on the world. If I feel I look less than stellar, then I won’t feel confident and won’t feel like accomplishing anything. I think that’s why so many women try practicing self-care habits that have something to do with our looks. Ladies (and guys too!), there’s nothing wrong with that! You can grab a new lipstick or a face mask, and you won’t even have to leave your house!

smile brilliant case

Since smiles are one of the very first things that people notice, Smile Brilliant and I teamed up together to discuss their at home teeth whitening system. Having a great smile will definitely boost anyone’s confidence and it’s a great way to practice self-care! Who wouldn’t want a dazzling white smile? You don’t have to go to a crowded doctor’s office or pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can do it from the comforts of your own home!

The best part? You can see results!

teeth whitening gel

I was first introduced to Smile Brilliant last year in October. Once you receive your kit, you’ll need to make impressions of your teeth with the molding kit that they provide. You will then send the impressions back to the company, so they can send you your teeth whitening trays. The custom trays make sure that the trays are a perfect fit for your smile! The whitening process only takes 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your sensitivity. You use the desensitizing gel treatment for only 15 to 20 minutes. Also, it’s important to note that each syringe equals 3 to 4 treatments. Did you know that Smile Brilliant’s gel products are vegan and cruelty free? While your trays are in, sit back and relax! I’ve put together some ideas that you can do while you wait!

self care tips and positivity

Ideas for Self-Care:

  1. Paint your nails a new color.
  2. Try out a new face mask.
  3. Binge watch a TV show on Netflix.
  4. Read a book for pleasure.
  5. Take a hot bubble bath.
  6. Go for a walk in nature.
  7. Listen to your favorite songs or podcasts.
  8. Unplug from social media.
  9. Go to a comedy show.
  10. Get creative – do a little DIY!
  11. Go out with a friend.
  12. Try out a new recipe or….
  13. Order some take out.
  14. Cuddle your pet.
  15. Take a nap.

Tips for Self-Care and Living a More Positive Life:

  1. Learn how to say NO.
  2. Laugh.
  3. Stay away from drama and negativity.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Don’t be a people pleaser
  6. Set boundaries.
  7. Express gratitude.
  8. Keep track of your accomplishments.
  9. Train yourself to see the positive in everyday (It’s extremely possible – it’s how I live my life!)
  10. Stop overthinking everything.
  11. Relax.
  12. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  13. Don’t be a doormat. Stop letting people walk all over you.
  14. Don’t stress over things that you cannot control.
  15. Forgive yourself for mistakes that you’ve made.

If you want to try out Smile Brilliant for yourself, I’m offering my readers $25 off!


Your turn: Do you practice self-care daily? What do you do for your self-care?

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