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10 Christmas Traditions That Make Every Year Special For Us

December 21, 2017
Christmas 2014

A little throwback to Christmas 2014

There was a period of about 10 years where I didn’t decorate for Christmas. When I started dating David in 2009, he wanted me to have a wonderful Christmas, since that was his favorite holiday. So, for Christmas 2009, we went all out and bought a crazy amount of decorations and ornaments. Decorations are the kinds of things that last for years and years, and even decades and decades. All the decorations that we bought back then are still the decorations we use today! This is also the same year that we began many of our Christmas traditions that we still celebrate to this day!

Christmas Traditions That We Have as a Married Couple:


Our 11 foot tree – Christmas 2017!

1. I always had a fake tree while growing up, whereas my husband always had a real tree. Since we got together in 2009, I adopted the tradition of a real tree. However, it wasn’t until 2014 where we cut down our own Christmas tree at one of the local Christmas tree farms. Our favorite Christmas tree farm is Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm (you can read about this year’s experience: here). We like to decorate our tree with colored lights and ornaments that actually mean something – a tree that is unique and that has character!

2. Since 2009, we have always went to the Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park. Even though they haven’t changed much in all the years that we have went, it is still something that we really enjoy.

3. Every year, we always get 1-3 ornaments that are meaningful to us that year. Here are some of our memorable ornaments throughout the years:

  • Grapes: David used to always packs grapes for my lunch when I worked at Amazon.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry: We used to like to get them from the Godiva Chocolate kiosk at the mall.
  • Diet Coke: Well, we absolutely L-O-V-E Diet Coke!
  • Now and Later: I bought him the candy back in 2009 or 2010, and the candy was inside of the ornament. There’s obviously no candy still inside, but we still hang the ornament on the tree.
  • Tropical Fish: We took a trip up to the Newport Aquarium one weekend back in 2009.
  • Two ‘Our First Christmas’ ornaments: Both were from 2009 and it was to celebrate our first Christmas together!
  • Triceratops: This is both of our favorite dinosaur!
  • Chris P. Bacon Pig on Wheels: I love following mini pigs on facebook and instagram. He is one of my favorite (follow him on facebook)!
  • Y’ALL Ball: Have to represent our beloved state of Kentucky!
  • Gum Drop: Because of how much I love Christmas Dots!
  • Pizza: Because I LOVE pizza. Duh!
  • Noel the Ornament: This story was written by Romeo Muller, which was the same guy who wrote Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. In 1992, on NBC, Noel premiered as an animated holiday special. However, it seems everyone has forgotten about it or doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Even though it is pretty sad for a Christmas story, it was one that stuck with me. I thought Noel was pretty cute, so I just made my own version of the ornament.

“A little red ornament named Noel, who was different not because of the way he looked but because of the cheer he had inside of him. While all the other ornaments were crusty and cynical, Noel had an irrepressible sense of joy. “Hi, my name is Noel,” he said each time he introduced himself, “and I have a happiness.”

Noel never finds an island of misfits who can appreciate him for who he is. Instead, he spends his life with the unhappy ornaments, still happy but eventually forgotten with all the rest and left to decay in the attic. When a new family moves in and discovers the decorations, they are too chipped and dirty to hang—except for Noel. But he proves so weak upon hanging he quickly cracks and shatters—not exactly the merriest of Christmas stories.” – via

4. We always drive around looking at the Christmas lights, specifically downtown and as of last year, we started stopping by the Chinoe Christmas House.

5. On Christmas Day, we always leave the TV on TBS, because A Christmas Story is being played all day. Since the TV is on that channel, we are at least able to catch it once.

6. On Christmas Eve/Christmas, we go to the evening service at our church. In 2015, our church made a video with a bunch of kids giving their own take of the Christmas story while adults act out the details. It immediately went viral! On Youtube, it has over 2.15 million views and on facebook, it has been shared over 1.5 million times and viewed over 56 million times!

7. We open all of our gifts on Christmas!

8. David’s mom makes her famous almond crescent cookies for dessert and has done so for as many years as he can remember.

9. A pretty recent tradition is that we watch Hallmark movies all season long. We started this tradition back in 2015!

10. On Christmas Day, we eat at Waffle House for breakfast.


What Christmas traditions do you share as a couple or family?




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