About the Blog

About Fabulous in Fayette: 

Probably over the past five years, Lexington’s restaurant scene started to change and up popped up many local restaurants, farm to table restaurants, etc, as well as the food truck scene. The sad thing is a lot of people are completely unaware about the events and things to do and places to eat in our city. There has been numerous times when I’ve heard someone say that they didn’t anything about an event or asked me how I knew about a particular event.

I see some people out there complaining on social media about how there isn’t anything to do (It is actually the exact opposite! There’s so much to do that it would impossible to do it all), so I figured that I would share the fabulousness that Lexington has to offer, as well as our great state of Kentucky.

Shopping local is extremely important to me, and it is something that I’m passionate about. Lexington makes it easy with all the amazing restaurants, businesses, products, local shops, and the Kentucky Proud and Shop Local movements.

My hope is to inspire others, no matter where they may live, to get out and explore their city and to try new foods and experience different things. Also, I want to encourage people to stop staying in their comfort zone and get out there and live life!