Kicking Off the Holidays | Nieman’s Christmas Tree Farm


It seems that everyone has been decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas as the years go by. In fact, I remember seeing people decorating the week after Halloween. Crazy, right? To each their own.

My husband and I buy a real tree for Christmas. Growing up, I always had an artificial tree and then later stopped decorating for Christmas. My husband always had the tradition of having a real tree. He remembers when he was little and growing up, going with his dad to cut down their Christmas tree. When I met my husband in 2009 and began dating, we started the tradition of getting a real tree for our Christmases.

It wasn’t until 2014, that we began the tradition of actually going to a tree farm and chopping one down ourselves, instead of just buying one at a store. We had been planning on going the first weekend of December like we always do. We don’t really want to start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Last Friday, I saw that one of the tree farms was sold out and closed for the season, so I knew that probably wasn’t a good sign, because that meant the odds of us getting one at a Christmas tree farm were slim. I just knew that we had to go find one on Saturday, because it couldn’t wait another day. It was a good thing too, because Nieman’s sold out and closed for the season on Sunday, which is where we went.

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Scoring the Elusive Pappy Van Winkle


It’s that time of year again… when the exclusive Pappy Van Winkle is released.

For those that are unfamiliar with Pappy…
“Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve is often regarded as one of the finest bourbons in the world, and is rare to find on the market due to its very low production and high demand. Bourbon aficionados have shown up in droves to get a small chance in a lottery to purchase some. It has been called ‘the bourbon everyone wants but no one can get.'”
This past Saturday, November 12, Liquor Barn locations in Louisville (Hurstbourne, Springhurst, and Middletown), Lexington (Hamburg and Beaumont), Danville, and Bowling Green were participating in a lottery for the chance to purchase a bottle of Pappy.
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Antiquing Kentucky Style: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection


If you know anything about bourbon, then you would know how coveted the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is, because everyone wants to get their hands on one of the bottles. The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is also hard to come by, due to it being available in very limited quantities. You can’t just walk in the door and get a bottle of this!

If you live in Kentucky, especially in Lexington or Louisville, and you aren’t on Liquor Barn’s email list, you need to be. This is how you will know about the upcoming special releases. If you aren’t, by the time you find out (and if you find out), it will be far too late to do anything about it.

On Friday, October 14, I received an email about the lottery for the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. The bottles included in the lottery were: George T. Stagg, Eagle Rare 17 year, William Larue Weller, Thomas H. Handy Rye, and Sazerac Rye 18 year. Inside the email were the details about the lottery.

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“The Angel Share” | Kentucky Inspired Halloween Costume


Obviously if you are reading this, then you know I’m a Proud Kentuckian. After all, my blog is called ‘Fabulous in Fayette,’ and is about anything related to Lexington and Kentucky. It definitely shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

I love Halloween, and I love dressing up. Over the years, I would never put any thought into my costume. I would just go to a costume store and pay $60 to be a sexy whatever. Over the past few years, I wanted to wear more clever costumes, as well as creating my own with stuff that I already had or could use again.

In 2014, I went as Jessica Day from New Girl. I already dress similar to her and my hair was the same as hers back then, so it wasn’t really a stretch. In 2015, I went as Pizza Rat from the viral video (which has 9.57 million views). Everyone (and even strangers) know me for my love of pizza. I mean, you should see the amount of pizza related apparel I own. I even own a pizza purse! In fact, in one year, I went to grand openings for four different pizza restaurants! Pizza Rat just fit and was perfect for me, since it was basically my spirit animal. However, it was in fact one of the most popular costumes of 2015.

So, in 2016, I wanted to top last year, and I wanted to do something completely unique and original. I didn’t want my costume to be a copy or something that has been done to death. I was laying in bed one night, around September 25, and trying to decide what I wanted to be. All of a sudden, the idea came to me!

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