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September 2016

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A Tasting With Brent Elliott at OBC Kitchen | Master Distiller of Four Roses

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I was on facebook last week, when I saw an event pop-up in my newsfeed. It was for a pop-up tasting for Four Roses with Master Distiller Brent Elliott. Like I mentioned before, when I met Jimmy Russell, it’s not everyday that you get to hang out a Master Distiller from one of the distilleries. So, when an opportunity presents itself (especially if bourbon is something you enjoy), you should take it!

There was a catch with this event. It was at a “secret” location, and the location wouldn’t be disclosed until that day around noon. Also, only the first fifty people in attendance would be allowed for the event. I made sure to gather my clothes, my camera, and everything I needed the night before. I wanted to be prepared and not be running around like a chicken with its head cut off hours before the event. I set my alarm, so I could be awake way before they announced the location. I wanted to be one of the first there, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Read More

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Easy Peasy Flourless Bourbon Brownies

National Bourbon Heritage Month is getting ready to come to a close. The Kentucky Bourbon Festival has come and gone. It was September 12th through the 18th in Bardstown, Kentucky aka “The Bourbon Capital of the World.” Some may…

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Bourbon 101: Starting With the Basics

Some people think that bourbon and whiskey are the same thing, and the terms can be used interchangeably. Wrong. Bourbon and whiskey are NOT the same thing. In fact, there are very strict federal regulations for bourbon in order for it…