Devils Backbone Brewing Company Beer Dinner at The Village Idiot

February 15, 2018

This post is in collaboration with Devils Backbone Brewing Company and The Village Idiot. All of these opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting brands and businesses that support Fabulous in Fayette! I was invited to attend a private dinner at The Village Idiot on Wednesday, February 7 in celebration of Devils Backbone Brewing Company expanding distribution to Kentucky! I was super excited to attend because I love supporting local businesses, and endeavors, and spreading the word about them. I’ve also been wanting to try The Village Idiot for quite some time! At the event, we started off…

Things To Do in Lexington, Kentucky: The Week of February 10-16, 2018

February 9, 2018

We’ve made it through another week! There are a lot of exciting happening in Lexington in the upcoming week – Fat Tuesday on Tuesday, February 13 and Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14! Don’t forget about today – National Pizza Day! Still haven’t made plans or reservations for Valentine’s Day?!? There is still time! You may want to check out: Places To Eat For Valentine’s Day in Lexington, Kentucky (I’ve listed 20 different delicious restaurants along with their menus) and Things To Do (And More Places To Eat) For Valentine’s Day in Lexington, Kentucky (There are 45 more things on this list!).

National Pizza Day: Lexington, Kentucky Edition

February 8, 2018

Everyone that knows me personally, or follows me on social media, knows how much I LOVE pizza, so I could never forget about February 9 aka National Pizza Day! I love pizza so much that I get sent pizza memes and all things related to pizza on a daily basis. That’s how much I LOVE pizza! Back in 2015, I even went as Pizza Rat for Halloween from the viral video. I own several different pieces of pizza related clothing – a onesie, t-shirts, necklaces, and much more.So much so that people have called me “The Pizza Queen!” About thirty…

Things To Do (And More Places To Eat) For Valentine’s Day in Lexington, Kentucky

February 7, 2018

Yesterday, I shared a list of “20 Places to Eat For Valentine’s Day,” but today I have “45 Events and Activities (as well as more restaurants)” that will make you feel the love in Lexington, Kentucky this Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating or married, have children, or just wanting to have a girl’s night. There is a little something for everyone! Single? – I’ve got you covered! Dating or married? – So many romantic ideas happening this week! Have children? – So many ideas to celebrate with them! Dog lover? – Don’t forget about your…

Places To Eat For Valentine’s Day in Lexington, Kentucky

February 6, 2018

It’s almost that time of year – Valentine’s Day aka the day of love! Lexington has so many amazing restaurants throughout the city, so why not eat some delicious, yummy food and at the same time support a local business?!? I made a list of “20 Places to Eat in Lexington, Kentucky for Valentine’s Day” to give y’all some ideas on where to celebrate for dinner. I’ve included a description about each restaurant, as well as their regular menu and/or special Valentine’s Day menu. As always, remember that Valentine’s Day is a busy time (only eight days until the big…

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Not to be confused with Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fabulous in Fayette celebrates the fabulous city of Lexington, the great state of Kentucky, and Southern Living. In case you are not from here, Fayette refers to the county where Lexington is located!

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