Hike For Beer With a Twist | Shaker Village


Sometime in June, I ended up buying tickets for the ‘Hike For Beer With a Twist’ event at Shaker Village. It was a good thing I bought my tickets weeks in advance, because the event ended up being sold out. I know I mentioned it before, but any foodie events that have limited number of tickets available (such as the ones I’ve been to before with The Bourbon Social, Original Makers Club, etc), you need to buy them ASAP or you may end up missing out on that particular event. You can’t wait until the last minute.

Before I get into the event, I’d like to tell everyone about Shaker Village, in case you aren’t sure what is, haven’t heard of it, or haven’t been there.

“Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a landmark destination that shares 3,000 acres of discovery in the spirit of the Kentucky Shakers. Home to the third largest Shaker community in the United States between 1805 and 1910, the vibrant site offers experiences designed to ignite curiosity,
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Beer, Bourbon, and Bacon Garden Party | The Bourbon Social



Sorry, I took a hiatus from the blog, but I have been posting nonstop on IG (so, if you want to see it first, you can follow me there or on snapchat).

On June 19, The Bourbon Social put on a great event called, Beer Bourbon & Bacon Garden Party at the Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate. The weather was perfect! It was such a great time with delicious food and probably the best Kentucky Mules that I have ever had! {The Mules were made with Bib and Tucker}. This garden party was all you can eat and drink. There were featured bourbon cocktails paired with bacon infused plates, and they also had bourbon aged beers. Let’s be honest. I was there for the bacon and bourbon. Like I said, my favorite was The

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A Stop on the Bourbon Trail: Jim Beam


A few weekends ago, my husband, some friends, and I took an impromptu trip to the Jim Beam Bourbon Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. Us four are visiting the entire Kentucky Bourbon Trail, so we can complete our passport and get our t-shirt for this year.

Each distillery offers various types of tours. Just like with Heaven Hill, we just did the tasting. So, we didn’t get to see the interworking of the distillery. I would recommend taking an entire distillery tour, especially if you haven’t and you want to see the whole bourbon making process (a tasting is included). With just tasting tours, you get a

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Original Maker’s Club Dinner Series With Woodford Reserve and County Club


On June 12, I got to attend a private event hosted by the Original Makers Club and they partnered with Woodford Reserve and County Club. The OMC hosts several events throughout the year at various places.

“The Original Makers Club is dedicated to bringing you content that illustrates, creates, documents and archives the culture of a chosen city. Currently curating Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati & Brooklyn. Since early 2012, Original Makers Club has curated a series of events in Kentucky and beyond that bring our publication, members and city to life.  Since then Original Makers Club has produced dinners, polo exhibitions, derby parties, the KY Bourbon Affair, Garden & Gun Magazine horse racing events, southern Bourbon celebrations and so much more.  These events carry the intent to reveal the many talents of our members to a community that yearns for events that are concerned more about going into depth, and not breadth.”  —via

I had been wanting to try County Club for forever, but we never got around to it. We had always ended up going elsewhere, so I was ecstatic that we got to attend an event hosted by them. Plus, my husband is a huge fan of Woodford Reserve, which made it a win-win. For those that don’t know, Woodford Reserve is bourbon. Woodford Reserve is the oldest and smallest distillery in Kentucky and it traces its origins to 1797 when Elijah Pepper

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Food Truck Friday



It seems like over the past few years, Lexington’s food scene has been growing exponentially. With all the countless local restaurants, the food trucks, the food festivals and events, it would be hard to disagree. There are so many hidden treasures that I think most people aren’t aware of. I mean just in July, there is Lexington Burger Week and Lexington Restaurant Week and in August, there is Crave. That’s not even considering all the other events that are taking place around the city and region.

I do my best to stay in the know about all the events taking place. At least, a lot of people tell me, I always know what is going on and/or asking for my suggestions on things to do or places to eat. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of events going on each week, but you just have to know about them.

This past week, I went to Food Truck Friday, which was on 100 Midland Avenue from 11am to 2pm in the parking lot of the Lexington Herald-Leader. The past dates were April 8 and June 10, but the upcoming dates are August 12 and

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